Dabbie PRO Portable Ceramic E-Nail

$150.00 $120.00

An improvement on the original Dabbie, Dabbie PRO comes with both a ceramic nail for the best flavour, and a grade 2 titanium nail for faster heating and easier cleaning. Whatever your preference, either nail can be heated to dabbing temperature in well under a minute.

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The nail is heated by a ceramic heat rod, and the nail surround at top of the device is also ceramic, so Dabbie PRO can be heated and re-heated without risk of heat damage. Its ingenious glass spill-proof bubbler with integrated dome, and magnetic carb cap and dabber make the dabbing process simple and speedy. The powerful “proper” dabs that Dabbie PRO serves up are even more satisfying than those delivered by the original model, making it the perfect choice for anyone with a serious interest in inhaling dense vapours from tiny dabs of concentrated legal oils and extracts.


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