HerbalAire h3.0 Vaporizer

$310.00 $265.00

The new h3.0 also features a new easy-load crucible, which snaps right onto the mouthpiece for minimal hassle, and an elegant new slip-ring bag assembly system that makes changing bags easy-peasy! You can even fill up 3 or 5 bags at once with the multi-bag adapters (sold separately).

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At only 18cm (7″) tall, the unit is compact enough that you can use it as a hand-held device, but is also sturdy enough to operate as a table-top unit. What’s more, the unique design of the HerbalAire’s heating chamber means that you don’t even need to grind your herbs before loading them into the unit, making this vaporizer especially suitable for those with poor manual dexterity, or those you simply prefer a quick, easy set-up.


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